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Breakfast at Buck's
Breakfast at Buck's

Breakfast at Buck's, Tales from the Pancake Guy is taking off. My autobiography was three years in the making and my first review is coming out soon in a major news magazine weekly, L'Espresso in Italy. That figures. Forget the New York Times, I'm going to be hit in Italy. I'm also hitting the Borders Bookstore circuit and I have some amazing venues where I will be speaking. I'm doing women's clubs, 8th grade career day and state prisons.

I have to tailor my material to my audience but since this book is a book about nearly everything that's easy enough. My book had been likened to watching someone play pinball. It's been called an onion, lay upon layer upon layer. I think the book's primary asset is that it's water resistant and nearly fireproof so it can be read at the beach and also in the middle of a kitchen fire.

I state in the introduction that my main aim in writing the book was for the money. Well, I was kidding. So far it costs me about $10 a copy, so if I sell it in stores for $18 I get about 50% and thereby lose a buck a book so don't buy it, OK? Then I thought I was in it for the respect, but I already have people's respect. I thought I was in it to become famous but I'm already pretty well known and what do I need with more? Fame has been called the syphilis of the soul and there is something to that. Writers crave the adoration of strangers. I like to say that you can buy your friends but strangers have to buy you.

So what's the point then? I have finally found the point and it has taken me several years to realize that I just like to tell stories and this turns out to be the endgame. I have decided to speak in the prisons because someone did me a favor and helped me get started with a serious writing career. Jack London. Jack started out as a petty criminal. I myself was wanted by the FBI, the Berkeley Police and the NYPD but it was the ‘60s and we all got over that and now I'm a Junior San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff. My grandfather was a carnival con man and all the guys in jail are criminals too so I figure it's a perfect audience for me.

Maybe I can inspire one of the cons like Jack inspired me so I intend to give it a go. At first I was thinking of speaking in prisons as being interesting press for me but I have left that behind and am sincerely interested in casting some light into dark corners because if we lock people up and throw away the key they become so removed from society that when they do eventually get out they are blinded by the light. Plus, by some twist of fate I ended up on the right side of the law and I'm grateful for that.

So look for me at a state prison or and 8th grade near you soon.

Feel free to call on me. I have tales to tell.

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